American Amateur Radio Licenses

We are fully registered to take the US Exams.

We usually hold the US exam sessions on a Tuesday night at 7.30pm in the club bunker by prior arrangement. You will find directions on our website.

Three examiners are required so please let us know the dates that you will be available and we will get back to you with a mutual date.

You will need the following to take the exam:-

• A pencil
• A photo ID (driving license or passport etc.)
• Either $15 or £10
• An address in the US (this can belong to a friend or relative)

You can take all three exams (Tech, General & Extra) for the same exam fee but you must pass one to progress on to the other. If you need to resit a paper it will be another $15.

If you already have a US license and are upgrading please bring your existing license with you.


You will find many resources on the internet, books may be bought from the ARRL at and from W5YI at

You can test yourself to see whether you are likely to pass at
All the questions that you will get are available for study.

For more information please contact us using the ‘Contact Radars’ link and select the ‘US Licensing’ category.