The UK Licensing Structure

Foundation – this is the first level and is usually run over six weeks. There is a Morse appreciation test and other practical tasks to complete including use of the radio and a twenty five question multiple choice test at the end. A succesful candidate will then be able to apply for their first callsign and use most of the amateur bands with a power of 10 watts.

Intermediate – after passing the Foundation course you can now move on to the next level. Successful completion will allow you to apply for a 2E0 callsign and use 50 watts on more of the amateur bands as well as through amateur radio satellites. The course includes a practical construction project as well as adding to the theory learnt on the foundation.

Advanced – The last stage towards your full licence is the advanced course. Passing this one entitles you to run 400 watts and access to all of the amateur bands. It will also allow you to operate abroad when on holiday under the CEPT agreement. You will be able to apply for an M0 callsign.